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Who I Am
meMy name is Hirsh Marantz. I started training dogs in 1966. I have been training dogs and teaching dog training ever since. I've done a little horse training too, but that was just for my own horses. Over the years, I've had eight different dogs, both mixed breed and purebreds. There were four different breeds plus the mutt. My present dog is a rescued ex-racing greyhound named Zoe. She's a perfect little lady. At least that's what the people we meet on our walks tell me.

Why This Site Is Here
 Although I'm basically retired now, I started this website because I see alot of dog owners with unrully dogs, and they just don't seem to know how to get their dogs to stop constantly pulling on their leash, or to stop barking at other dogs, or to stop trying to go to other dogs, whether aggressively or not. I can only imagine what goes on in their homes.

Enjoy Your Visit
As you go through this website, (and I surely hope that you do) and if you love dogs, I'm certain you will find something of interest. And, I know that whether you have a well behaved dog or not, you will enjoy reading our Special Report On Dogs And Dog Training. So sign up for it now. You and your dog will be glad that you did.

A trained dog is a happy dog and has a happy owner.

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